Why Choose Physics?

The scramble for University places is on. The hunting cry for Physics potential is at full force. If you choose Physics or Maths you’re desirable meat. Is it the right way for you? I can tell you that it’s very hard graft and can only be your bag if your need, not the pundits’, is too hard to resist. Following a year of Engineering at one University, I moved to Durham to do three years of a subject that drew me, forgive the expression, like a magnet. Physics, together with Mathematics, excited me; the parameters were huge, the challenges enormous and the whole package exciting. The road to one’s Degree is Churchillian with “blood sweat and tears”; no slacking, no skyving, just check out the syllabus (and the tutors).

Is it worth it? When I came down from Durham I was captured by computers, especially graphics, and went on several training courses. In 1999 I started my own graphics’ business www.3d-imaging.co.uk , a far cry from Physics and Maths you may think, but you would be wrong. My knowledge culled from the strict University years stands me in very good stead in my projects. Clients both appreciative and impressed by my assimilation of their needs.

Coming shortly: What of Arts’ input?
Read about the Added Value.

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  1. Vince says:

    Physics is a tough subject. With numerous computations and analysis, it can pose a problem for someone who is not good in Math.

  2. Good Post and good 3D Work …

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