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Welcome to this Blog 3D UK in focus. 3 D animation and 3D art and paintings. The paintings and art featured will be from the brush of Geoff Hodbod the founder of CGI animation studio 3D Imaging . Please take a look at this 3D technical illustration of a fashion boot showing all the contours making up the wireframe design. More information here: Technical Illustration Product Shots

3d technical illustration wireframe designs

3D technical illustration wireframe designs image by CGI graphic artist of a fashion boot.

Below is the same object having worked farther down the 3D image production pipeline with all the surfaces produced with photorealistic render surfaces. The metal stud fasteners reflect the environment and there is a soft lighting style reminiscent of a photography product shot. The 3-point-lighting setup is sufficiently bounced off of the white backdrop in a similar fashion to real-life product photography.

3d product visualization UK image

3d product visualization UK image



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