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Post doesn’t Show on the front end of the website

If you have the Scalia theme activated then if you temporarily Activate the Voxco Framework plugin to fix say an Owl_Slider element associated with that theme setup then you must remember to deactivate it afterwards else then the post/page/portfoilio item won’t show on the front end and give a Page not Found response.

Need to Rebuild Permalinks:

More here

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WordPress Categories Automatically Add to Menu

Use the “JC Submenu” plugin and in theme functions.php add this code:

//Enable compatibility with theme custom menu walkers

add_filter(‘jcs/enable_public_walker’, ‘jc_disable_public_walker’);

function jc_disable_public_walker($default){
return false;

From here

and follow this video:

To add a list of subcategories automatically under one of the primary menus:

To add a list of posts underneath one of the primary menus:

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3D Character Models for 1m sculpture – Zbrush Portfolio

The Hulk and Wolverine were portrayed here as 3D character models. Parts of this virtual sculpture were 3D printed to make moulds for creating these superheroes from confectionery. The UK Pastry Club made use of these for their entry to the Coupe Du Monde world cup of pastry making. We’re proud to have this as part of our Zbrush portfolio.

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3D Visualisation of Spa Data by The Mill
3d visualisations

The Mill united with Lush to make a 2-minute film made through biometric information perception – the point being to imagine the physical reaction somebody has to a Lush spa treatment. Basically, transforming biometric information into beautiful graphical animation.

Behind the Scenes: Lush Spa Film from The Mill on Vimeo.

The Lush Spa Experiment was intended to catch biometric information. This information drove a progression of one of a kind and thoughtful representations, which reflect the multisensory encounters of a Lush Spa treatment. The film is a masterful 3D visualisation version of the body’s reaction to the spa treatment.

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3ds max error >>> @!&*# <<<25

Solution: I had renamed 3dsmax.exe to 3dsmax.exeold . When I renamed it back again this error message stopped showing. Also if 3dsmax.exe was renamed your shortcuts in windows may point to the wrong file. You need to check that they are pointing to the correctly named one. On my start menu, the 3ds max 2016 icon was aiming at the renamed 3dsmaxrenamed.exe, not 3dsmax.exe when I changed it’s properties the error did not recur. Sometimes needs to be 3dsmax instead of 3dsmax.exe

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