2015 July

The Marketing Benefits of Computer Animation

3D computer animation has a distinctive clean fresh look usually unobtainable or less affordable by other means such as videoing or photography.

1: Computer animation can provide a sharp concise to the point planned message to hit the time starved decision-makers quickly and hold attention.

2: Tell a story with computer animation that has beginning that grabs the viewer’s attention, middle with the main message and conclusion. All of which can pass to the viewer with less effort than reading text.

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3D Animation Advantage from Hololens Holographic Display

Headset goggles with high definition computer generated holograms that don’t require any markers overlaid over what you’re actually looking at in the real world. A real set of 3D animation advantages.

Example use of this virtual Augmented Reality where computer generated parts can be overlaid over real parts:

3D animation advantages in applications used in 3D design: (image below shows holographic bike seen on the desk next to the real screen and user.)

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