3D Animation Advantage from Hololens Holographic Display

Headset goggles with high definition computer generated holograms that don’t require any markers overlaid over what you’re actually looking at in the real world. A real set of 3D animation advantages.

Example use of this virtual Augmented Reality where computer generated parts can be overlaid over real parts:

3D animation advantages in applications used in 3D design: (image below shows holographic bike seen on the desk next to the real screen and user.)

and gaming (image below shoes sprites and scenery from Minecraft overlaid over objects in a living room.)

are obvious where users can interact with objects by gazing at them and tapping with a finger along with voice commands:

Any ordinary surface can become a display:




The best thing about it is that we can view the 3d animation video through all angles

The animated video production will become a lot easily because of this

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