The Marketing Benefits of Computer Animation

3D computer animation has a distinctive clean fresh look usually unobtainable or less affordable by other means such as videoing or

1: Computer animation can provide a sharp concise to the point planned message to hit the time starved decision-makers quickly and hold attention.

2: Tell a story with computer animation that has beginning that grabs the viewer’s attention, middle with the main message and conclusion. All of which can pass to the viewer with less effort than reading text.

3: Anything can be shown future, past or fantasy. There are limitations to what is possible with photography and video. Not so with CGI.

4: Inherent in this medium is the feasibility of producing eye popping content that will stick in the mind and drive the viewer to action.

5: The clean fresh look gives the company that commissioned this medium a step up above their peers in appearing ahead technologically.

6: Every real-world object shown this way can be given a level of perfection and style unobtainable through other means.

A summary of some of the many reasons CGI animation should be part of your marketing arsenal.

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