Post doesn’t Show on the front end of the website

If you have the Scalia theme activated then if you temporarily Activate the Voxco Framework plugin to fix say an Owl_Slider element associated with that theme setup then you must remember to deactivate it afterwards else then the post/page/portfoilio item won’t show on the front end and give a Page not Found response.

Need to Rebuild Permalinks:

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How to Get Remote Files to Open in their Local Default Editor in Filezilla

If when you right click a remote file in Filezilla and select “view/edit” to open it locally:

Then Edit > Settings >

in “Filetype associations” add the following text:

. C:\Windows\system32\NOTEPAD.EXE %f
jpg “C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 2022\Photoshop.exe” %f
php “C:\Windows\System32\notepad.exe” %f

and OK

Further example with different default programs:

More here

Ways to write c:\Program Files so Windows understands (sometimes the space in the middle is a problem):
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How to Preserve Portfolio Items When Switching Themes from Voxco Theme to Scalia Theme
Must change all the portfolio items into posts with a plugin “Post Type Switcher” before switching the theme then switch them all back to being portfolio items. Scalia has a different enough portfolio system for them not to transfer across otherwise.

Where there are Owl_Slider widgets on a page can be better to delete everything and start again but:
The best way:
Activate the Voxco Framework Plugin so that the Owl Slider elements show in the backend editor.
Make notes in a word processor page of all the names of the .jpg images referred to in these elements where abouts they are on the page.
Delete the Owl Slider elements.
Deactivate the Voxco Framework plugin.
Refresh the back end.
View Portfolio Item to check that the bracketed shortcodes are gone.
Add Single Image elements as replacements with Full size and centre alignment.
Check front end.

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Make Browser Show Updating Colour Changes on WordPress Theme

1:Purge all in your local wordpress caching plugin:

2: If you use the Cloudflare CDN then login and select the relevant site:

3: Navigate to Caching>Configuration and turn on “Development Mode”. This temporarily turns off the CDN.

4: In the browser use the keys Ctrl+Shift+Delete and tick all the items and Clear Data:

On your front end view of the browser Ctrl+F5 and the colours set in the back-end should now be correct on the front-end.

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