2016 September

Merida 3D Character Design in Brave

The Merida character is a very complex setup. One of the most devious things to achieve in

CGI is realistic hair that moves and has the general look that appears “right”. The artists and technicians at PIXAR have hit the mark on both of these counts. Too right as the hair is quite a large signature of her Scottish heritage and character.

There is a subtle mix of subsurface scattering – a method of approximating how light shines through semi-translucent material such as flesh or hair simulations – and artistic styling of many lengths of hair with a variety of strand length, curl, wave, and frizziness.

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The Cathedral: An Oscar Nomiated 3D Animation On Another Level

Oscar-Nominated in 2003 this animated short is truely atmospheric with a level of serene beauty in a twisted world where an adventurer exploring a dark and strangely compelling world. Based on a science fiction story by Janusz A Zajdel the story focuses on a visit to a mysterious organic building where there is an analogy played out showing how our current achievements add to the endeavours of previous generations. Produced with 3ds max and After Effects.

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