3ds max Set Keys Button is Greyed out

If this button is greyed out so you can’t set keyframes when an object is selected….

then save your file and gradually go through deleting all objects in the scene until it goes back to normal.

When you have worked out which object being present has caused this then note this down and revert back to your saved file and just delete the one offending object that was causing this problem and continue working.

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3D Character Models for 1m sculpture – Zbrush Portfolio

The Hulk and Wolverine were portrayed here as 3D character models. Parts of this virtual sculpture were 3D printed to make moulds for creating these superheroes from confectionery. The UK Pastry Club made use of these for their entry to the Coupe Du Monde world cup of pastry making. We’re proud to have this as part of our Zbrush portfolio.

3D Modelling of Hulk and Wolverine from 3D Imaging UK 3D Animation on Vimeo.

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3D Visualisation of Spa Data by The Mill
3d visualisations

The Mill united with Lush to make a 2-minute film made through biometric information perception – the point being to imagine the physical reaction somebody has to a Lush spa treatment. Basically, transforming biometric information into beautiful graphical animation.

Behind the Scenes: Lush Spa Film from The Mill on Vimeo.

The Lush Spa Experiment was intended to catch biometric information. This information drove a progression of one of a kind and thoughtful representations, which reflect the multisensory encounters of a Lush Spa treatment. The film is a masterful 3D visualisation version of the body’s reaction to the spa treatment.

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Vray Advc Render Times Different Backgrounds Vray Learning PDF

Click here for this information as a Vray Learning PDF.

This is a comparison of a simple 3ds max scene that has different background setups. All the way through Vray Advanced 3.4 GI was set to Brute Force, Brute Force at the same low-quality setting. It was lit by a Vray Dome Light with HDRI in the texture slot and one Vray plane light which is the square that can be seen in the reflections.

No MeshBackground (just the HDRI dome light is showing in the background): Low-quality Brute Force/ Brute Force render time is 37sec @ 1280 720

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3ds max error >>> @!&*# <<<25

Solution: I had renamed 3dsmax.exe to 3dsmax.exeold . When I renamed it back again this error message stopped showing. Also if 3dsmax.exe was renamed your shortcuts in windows may point to the wrong file. You need to check that they are pointing to the correctly named one. On my start menu, the 3ds max 2016 icon was aiming at the renamed 3dsmaxrenamed.exe, not 3dsmax.exe when I changed it’s properties the error did not recur. Sometimes needs to be 3dsmax instead of 3dsmax.exe

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Deadly Beasts by Weave VFX

Channel 5’s World’s Deadliest Beasts has been furnished with four prehistoric beasts including a giant shark

terrror bird “Titanis”.

Massive Whale.

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Friends Electric GWR Trains Enid Blyton Advert
Great Western Railway Recruit The Famous Five For Friends Electric Directed Adventure

Creating the Adventure. A fantastic new advert for GWR trains by Friends Electric that mixes 2D and 3D animation styles. It harks back to the original artwork from the 1940’s books:

Below is a great how it was made documentary piece.


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3D Character Artist produces Health and Safety Animation Service

Here at 3D Imaging we helped Volker Rail to create training imagery and animated videos showing the lifting of heavy railway tools. Check the video at the bottom of this post.

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3D Imagery of Oil Tanks

3D Imaging was commissioned to produce imagery of oil tanks by a manufacturer for their website so they would have crystal clear sparkling imagery to impress their website users. Our CGI imagery is, of course, free from imperfections of surface, lighting and background that traditional product photography can suffer from without much care and expense. 

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Adapter Returned Unexpected Error -2 for “C:\Program Files\….”3ds max adapter error : The pipe has ended

If Backburner Server is producing this error then check the Backburner Server and Manager are the same versions.

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Showing Displacement in Vray RT ActiveShade in 3ds max
How to show displacement in vray rt activeshade

To get the Vray RT Activeshade renderer to display displacement maps you’ve assigned to objects with the Vray displacement modifier make sure the Displacement box is ticked in Render Setup under Active Shade/V-ray RT as shown.
Turn up the Amount on the Vray Displacement modifier to an extreme value to make sure the effect is very obvious.

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Backburner Error 0x0000273f

If you’re getting error 0x0000273f on one of your Backburner servers try this Microsoft Fixit on that particular system’s Windows installation which might be corrupted say by a recent power cut or forced shutdown:

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