3D Colour Printing of 3-Dimensional Objects

New way of applying colour patterns and logos to 3-Dimensional objects:

Hydrographic Printing Example

Computational hydrographic printing isn’t new, but scientists at Zheijiang University have brought new precision to the practice. http://voc.tv/1nh50OR

Posted by Vocativ on Monday, 18 May 2015

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Michael Gondry
Michel gondry

When he peaked in his chosen field as an avant-garde commercial and music video maker Michael Gondry leapt to the top echelon of film making, feature films. His first 2001 effort “Human Nature” was ignored by the public and disliked by the critics. He had previously made an impact with imaginative “Human Behaviour” Bjork music video which centred around a giant teddy bear in a magical woodland world. He made cutting edge commercials such as the Levi advert named “Drugstore” which ratcheted up the most awards of any commercial winning over audiences usually turned off by commercials which repetitively numb the mind he actually told a story in a compact interesting evocative grainy style.

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Why Choose Physics?

The scramble for University places is on. The hunting cry for Physics potential is at full force. If you choose Physics or Maths you’re desirable meat. Is it the right way for you? I can tell you that it’s very hard graft and can only be your bag if your need, not the pundits’, is too hard to resist. Following a year of Engineering at one University, I moved to Durham to do three years of a subject that drew me, forgive the expression, like a magnet. Physics, together with Mathematics, excited me; the parameters were huge, the challenges enormous and the whole package exciting. The road to one’s Degree is Churchillian with “blood sweat and tears”; no slacking, no skyving, just check out the syllabus (and the tutors).

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Blog 3D UK in focus 3D Art from CGI Animators
3d technical illustration wireframe designs
3D technical illustration wireframe designs image by CGI graphic artist of a fashion boot.

Welcome to this Blog 3D UK in focus. 3 D animation and 3D art and paintings. The paintings and art featured will be from the brush of Geoff Hodbod the founder of CGI animation studio 3D Imaging . Please take a look at this 3D technical illustration of a fashion boot showing all the contours making up the wireframe design. More information here: Technical Illustration Product Shots

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