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Medical Animation Studio, Anatomy 3D Human Brain, 3D Medical Animations

Welcome to “3D Imaging” a medical animation studio in the UK and also make presentations based on CGI¬†Character Animation. 3D¬†Medical Illustration¬†showing¬†3D anatomy human¬†internals and¬†anatomy 3D¬†externals is produced here at “3D Imaging”. We have the required knowledge of¬†anatomy 3D¬†graphics and the¬†3D human body¬†due to having been studying these subjects, attending life-drawing classes for over 10 years and have a scientific background including a Physics degree from Durham University before taking up¬†3D medical imaging. He is currently a member of the Institute of Physics. Below is a¬†3D medical animation¬†featuring a¬†3D cutaway¬†showing a¬†3D human brain.

Anatomy 3D Human Model with 3D Cutaway of 3D Human Brain

For 3D Medical Animations and 3D anatomy graphics 3ds max is one of our main 3D anatomy software. It is a first rate amongst 3D modelling programs although sometimes the Lightwave render Mac platform gets the job done more efficiently. Render machine quickness is important for hitting deadlines for 3D animation production hence our investment in a bank of machines that all act together to spread the production work across their group of processors.

3D animation tutorials are a great way to learn the basics of using a 3D character model to zoom in through the skin to show a human heart animation pumping and the blood flow around the body. 3D Medical Animation allows the amazing possibilities of showing the sub-cellular level of Biology including DNA animation work showing protein-DNA.

3D animation examples can be combined in a 3D CD lingo director presentation that can be distributed as a 3D ROM disk or through a web-download.  An example of this director lingo programming of a graphical interface allowing navigation between 3D animation examples can be downloaded here:

1: Save to a folder on the hard disk.
Double click the 3d_cd-rom.exe
Click Install
Double click the execute_this.exe file to run the presentation which shows in a structured way how to maintain jet engines illustrated with 3 d animation)

3D Scientific graphics within multimedia kiosk add interest to museum locations and 3D Medical animations.