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Engineering Animation Videos & 3D Visualisation – 3D Engineering

Win Using 3D Visualisation

There’s something that above all our customers tell us. In summary, our 3D animated explainer videos hit their message home. Also, 3D engineering animation videos inform the client. Then guiding opinion into making the sale while entertaining. Besides that, we make 3D visualisation stills. These show your subject in the best way. We produce these for web and print use.With this in mind, we use the most care and attention to standards of quality. So making you stand out from the crowd. Hence this gives more belief in your products. In all from the outset of their buying experience to the final sale. In conclusion, our work has flair. So this makes it work for your clients. As the last point, our explainer video production company makes ideas clear. #InspiringAnimation

3D Engineering Animation Videos

In the first place, we offer a whole solution. Thus manufacturing industry can use this to market, explain or educate. Hence we produce 3D engineering animation videos for selling and showing new products. We make these for aerospace, oil, gas and mining firms as well.

Using CAD

In fact, we use the surfaces you’ve spent time creating in your 3D CAD package. We use this without amending the shapes: We can take:

  • AutoCAD
  • Autodesk Inventor, Revit & Navisworks
  • Solidworks & CATIA
  • Solid Edge
  • PTC Creo (Pro/Engineer)
  • NX Unigraphics (UG)

Using The Cloud For 3D Engineering Animation Videos

So for large projects or those with tight deadlines, we use cloud rendering. In any event, using 1000s of machines speeds production. In essence, this produces images and animation at a quick rate.

Science Background

Our Creative Director has a Durham University Science degree. Next, he spent two decades creating engineering and scientific visuals. To end, he is fit to deal with your technical brief. In short, taking it all the way to its conclusion.

For an animated engineering video showing the features of a heating system click here.

In Brief: Secure Web Based Approval

Customers have access to an online platform for giving comments. To sum up, this conveys revisions to specific parts of videos with accuracy.

3D Visualisation
Working with brands, universities, firms, and causes. We turn out stunning work. Both short and long animations. For TV/cinema ads, ad campaigns and social media release.
Our in-house team of creatives communicate well. Getting it right fitting within your price.
Of course a large part of marketing on the web is the use of promotional videos. Custom videos can include your product animated. This can be the key to seeing your product or service video content shine. Corporate videos needn’t be a dull turn off. Our production process makes sure that your company works show off well in these formats. So video content should be engaging. Thus this stops users that continually switch video to video once they’re drawn in by your video marketing message. Finally, the post-production of content can add to this draw. Also combining live action videos with animation work. Our work has been included in productions where the video has been rented out for viewing on that basis.

Import Shapes From Your Files

3d engineering animation videos

First of all, we import the Solidworks Assembly file .sldasm. Also, we take all that Solidworks exports while keeping the quality. So these are great for making engineering animation videos.

3d engineering animation videos

Solid Edge
Next, we can bring in the “.asm” assembly file or an exported “.stp” file.

3d engineering animation videos

For one thing, we can import assemblies. To explain, these can be the “.iam” extension or lower level part files.

3d engineering animation videos

PTC Creo (Pro/Engineer)
Likewise bringing in the .asm assembly file is workable. Also as an alternative, we can use the a neutral assembly file. Another option is a STEP file.

3d engineering animation videos

NX Unigraphics now by Siemens
Please give us a  “.jt” or “.stp” file.

3d engineering animation videos

We can use both “.igs” or “.stp” files.

3d engineering animation videos

The Rhino .3dm format is great for bringing in shapes.

3d engineering animation videos

AutoCAD Revit & Navisworks
So please supply the .dwf-3d models. Indeed perfect for keeping the quality of your design when we work with it.


Our team creates memorable 3D CGI & 2D business videos. We make these for a wide range of industry sectors. Also supplying agencies we’ve worked with on a white label basis. So we model and animate great CGI mascot characters as well. Also, we make CGI engineering videos. As well as phone application demos and special effects. Of course, we use the latest in software innovation. So we can produce moving pictures that will be features of your marketing efforts for years to come.


We have the capability to use product assemblies that you give us. These can be from CAD programs such as Autodesk Inventor, Catia, AutoCAD, Rhino. Also including Revit, Navisworks, Pro Engineer, UG NX, Solid Edge. Remodelling work won’t be necessary.

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