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UK Graphic Design firm 3D Imaging shows their 3D Animation letters & Animation Text 3D. You'll agree when you see our portfolio of introductory 3D CGI idents that this company truly make the best of logo designs with their logo design programs. 3D Coputer Animations, CGI logos and 3D Idents are a speciality. We can provide you quickly with spectacular Computer Art Virtual Graphics Video at an attractive price to set your video presentation off to an awe-inspiring start to give your company just the right image to help give the whole presentation some gravitas and a spark of excitement.

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Jigsaw Entertainment Film Distribution and Brokerage chose 3D Imaging to design their animated logo to be added at the start of their DVD and VHS distributed films. See the finished animation here. For your interest there are staged progressions in the formation of the finished 3D CG logo presentation here. Although we are one of the best companies producing3D Animation in the UK the way we operate is truly global. We have done Computer Graphics work for satisfied customers worldwide. With fast internet connections and video conferencing links it is possible to effectively discuss the exact nature of what you want and deliver it to you extremely quickly.

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