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Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Experts – CGI Animation 3D

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Experts – Computer Animation

Welcome to the UK based 3D CGI Movies Studio “3D Imaging”. Our 3D artists produce vehicle accident reconstruction. Expert computer animation depictions of traffic collisions. In fact we excel in the accuracy, honesty and dependability of our portrayals is especially relevant. Our reconstruction experts have in-depth knowledge of physics – the basis of simulations of crashes. Also, CGI is a valuable tool for visualising incidents for fighting legal battles.

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Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Expert CGI Animations

First of all the authorities gather many forms of data from the scene of accidents. For example, the speeds and the¬†directions of travel of vehicles while the driver’s testimonies are important the state of the road surface may be part of the cause. Traffic signals and signs are especially relevant. Furthermore, the positions of street lighting and ambient lighting conditions can be factors. Consequently,¬†from these, we can make the computer animation accurate.

Video of the scene and aerial images are useful raw materials so, the resulting animation will include the exact lay of the land.

Much as using 2D diagrams has been prevalent in comparison using CGI makes the events in¬†an incident clear. Most of all are CGI’s power to show action from many angles.

Road Crash Reconstruction Video

3D Special Effects

It’s equally important that crash scenes weather systems can obstruct vision,¬†so 3D special effects can simulate this. Most noteworthy are haze, mist, smog, rainfall, and snowfall coupled with the opposite bright sunshine. In the same way, varied forms of plants¬†provide¬†extra realism.


Finally, a wide range of channels distributes the end product. So you can see the finished computer animation via email or Website, DVD, Blue-ray.

In conclusion in this field, there is an advantage of using CGI animation.  Hence viewing the incident from all angles becomes possible. It seems like 3D animation will give a clear picture of how things happened. For more information on accident reconstruction experts click here.