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UK 3D Animation Wire Frame Designing Company

UK 3D Animation Wire Frame Designing Company

who make Cartoon Character 3D Models for you

We are experts in designingĀ and 3D solid modelling with texture mapping characters for CGI graphics packagesĀ and can deliver you bespoke Cartoon Character 3D Models in a wide rangeĀ of formats. We’ve a long track record and our rates are great.

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Additionally if you wish to animate the model in a package of your choosing we can “rig” the character by inserting a bones system into the finished textured mesh making the character movable like a marionette saving you a lot of time and effort in doing so. Alternatively, it is possible for us to deliver finished 3-d design renderings of characters in different poses and situations. If your requirement is for fully-fledged CG (Computer Generated) character animation we can deliver the full service for you too. Please check our 3D Modeling Gallerys amongst which are examples of our CGI characters.

You can commission us to design your Cartoon Character 3D Models from scratch with pen and paper. Once a drawn design has met your approval then a detailed Model of your character will be built and delivered in a format of your choosing. Alternatively if you have sketches of your own then we can work from these. It is your choice.

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