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Cartoon Character 3D Models 3D Modeling Gallerys

Cartoon Character 3D Models 3D Modeling Gallerys

We have a great service providing bespoke Cartoon Character 3D Models at a reasonable cost. The image below is an example and the rest of the Gallery section where more Animated Characters Rendering can be found Along with some examples of nice 3D cute animation.

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Our Cartoon Character 3D Models creation service is available to you at a reasonable rate. We have a long track record of creating this kind of digital asset. We can supply just the model in a format of your choice e.g. 3dsmax, Maya, Lightwave, XSI…. etc made by 3d solid modelling with texture mapping. Additionally, we can “rig” your character with an internal structure so that you can manipulate it like a marionette in a package of your choice. If it is your wish we can provide you with a full service of the creation of the model, rigging, posing and finally producing images of animated characters rendering along with the option of a fully animating them.

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3D Character Graphics can be sourced from us either by commissioning us to create a range of 2D cartoon drawings of the eventual 3D hero/heroine in several different forms or supplying 2D artwork to work from.

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There are many different uses for CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) Characters. Companies all over the world have used CGI Characters to introduce their products to their consumers as part of their marketing effort. They have been influenced by the recent success of CG films (CG: Computer Generated) such as Toy Story, Monsters Inc., The Bugs Life and Ice Age have popularised this form of animation. Increasingly 3D CGI characters are used in place of flat traditional 2D Cel animated. CG gives a fresh new image to an already existing cartoon creature. Please check the rest of our Graphic Art Digital Gallery 3D sections to see some of the 3D characters that we have created for print based media advertising and as concept imagery for 3D CG Cartoon Series.

CGI Character Design UK

A Manchester 3D character company can deliver 3d character designs quicker with more style, flair and passion for the production quality of the 3D character design.

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