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3D Visualisation Manchester, 3D Illustrator, Product Rendering UK

3d visualisation manchester

Welcome to “3D Imaging” a 3D studio providing a 3D visualisation Manchester based service that’s quick and efficient complete with all the benefits of product rendering UK located production. Our 3D illustrator team provides 3D rendering computer graphics of the highest quality incorporating the whole spectrum of the CGI production including architecture visualization, car render images, broadcast 3D logo design, CAD 3D model production, and online 3D games, video training CD-ROM with 3D animation to explain concepts, 3D pictures for billboard adverts.

3D Product Design

The 3D product design below is a novelty plastic sprout for distribution as a kit through the Waterstones chain of book stores here in the UK. 3D product design here denotes that the eyes, nose, mouth and hat are separate pieces that fit in to readymade holes in the body of the sprout. In this case we were given a prize-winner’s sketch to work from and produced the 3D model from which the quality render 3D animation below was created showing a full 360 degrees turntable view of the novelty product. Looks good when played in fullscreen HD.

The product was packaged with a small book of humorous material relating to vegetable consumption at Christmas.