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War 3D Rendering Book Cover Illustrator, SAS Soldier Character 3D Illustrator Army 3D Computer Game Cover Artist Combat

War 3D Rendering Book Cover Illustrator, Character 3D Illustrator

CGI Computer Game Cover Artist Combat

3D Imaging’s War 3D Rendering Book Illustrator Geoff Hodbod created this SAS Soldier 3D drawing. This Combat 3D Illustrator Army 3D Artist made a CGI UK Air Force Special Forces render illustration using a high powered 3D model rendering workstation. These Armed Forces 3D graphics were used on a Chris Ryan Re-issue.

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Game Cover Character 3D Illustrator: Military CGI Graphics

These Game Cover 3D design renders chime with the style of the times.

The whole warrior 3D production image was done in our UK renderings studio. Although this rendered VR SAS British Troops image is based on graphic Afghanistan heroes camouflage imageswe can equally well produce 3 D air force pilot computer graphic designs or computer generated American air force imagery or animated US Navy virtual character pictures.

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This Iraq soldier 3D design book cover illustration was commissioned for a Chris Ryan book cover graphic on a reissue of one of his conflict novels.

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