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CGI Image Gallery 3D Modelled Spotted Lily CG Flower Models

CGI Image Gallery 3D Modelled Spotted Lily CG Flower Models

We at 3D Imaging are highly skilled at producing organic 3D models as well as flowers we can act just as well modelling 3D trees for you producing bespoke maya tree models to meet your exact production requirements or even producing Computer Generated dragonflys 3d pictures – whatever natural subject you have in mind. We have a great variety of 3D pictures online. Check the rest of our 3D gallery 3 d images where you will find amongst the quality 3dsmax 6 gallery that resides there a 3D graphics Scenery Gallery showing various 3d online pictures with buildings in place in amongst green lush and varied 3D Graphics trees & vegetation.
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3D modelling flowers
cg flower modelling

Our CGI Image Gallery shows them off well. CGI graphic Images from this series have been featured in the specialist computer graphics magazine “3D World Magazine” and also in the glossy lifestyle and homes magazine “Livingetc”.

xsi flower model

High-Value 3D Art Prints are have been made from these CG flower models made by Geoff Hodbod of 3D Imaging quickly for a very reasonable sum and further manipulated by Mathew Andrews who is selling them in London outlets. They have been made into Framed Lenticular Art Prints which change as you walk past them as you move through a different angle of vision and are retailing for £1500 per pair.