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How 3D Animators Make Animation

How 3D Animators Make Animation

This page describes how a halfway stage in the production process for 3 D animators UK producing 3D Animations in a CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) style. This page shows the halfway stage in the creation of a Film Distributors logo. Here you can see still images of the finished UK 3D rendered logo and the finished UK 3D Ident animation made in our 3D animation studios in UK.

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This still shows image at the beginning of the 10-second animation. Light is shining from behind the logo through the jigsaw gap.

The UK 3D renderings are at this stage just rough and basic so
that the main motion of the piece could be demonstrated to the client
for their approval for the prodution of the finished 3D Animated
logo UK.

This still is at two and a half seconds. Light beams are still shining from behind the Jigsaw. As the pieces tumble in the light is blocked off slightly but still shines through the letters.

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