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3D Character Design UK, CGI Character Design UK

3D Character Design UK, CGI Character Design UK

CG Superhero

3D Imaging has a 15 year track record of providing quality 3D Animated Character Design. UK based 3D Graphics Studio production facilities can deliver with effective communication skills CGI Character Design. UK 3 D Cartoon Art can enliven a business sales campaign with the unique style of CG Rendering. UK CG Superhero designer graphic examples show below were produced from 2D illustrations provided by clients with a description as to which style of 3d illustration animation art they would like produced specialists of 3D graphic design UK.

One of the most common requests we get is to change a 2D illustrator or airbrush Artwork into CGI 3D. Graphic Design AgenciesĀ approached 3D Imaging requiring a 3D Guru to work on their supplied 2D Artworks of superheroes and transform them into fully fledgedĀ computer generated picture artwork.

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