3D Animation Music Videos

Interesting video here but with 1/2 to 2/3 with quite some complexity.

One way of achieving this is that in the first 2 minutes of this video clip there are 9 different scenarios that have been set up. Within the same 2 minutes, there would be 5-6 scenes of abstract imagery of a similar standard to those in the video clip built to fit your music and the video would cut between scenes at appropriate points in your musical track. Within the 2minutes there would be 1minute 20seconds of original animation and interspersed 40seconds of made up of events in the animation filmed from different camera angles or played backwards so as to be fresh and different. Below are laid out the 9 scenes from the first 2 minutes of the video clip. We would produce stuff of a similar standard but would repeat sections during the 2 minutes and interesting effects would be viewed from different angles or played backwards timed nicely to fit your music.

For this price point, there would be the restriction that we couldn’t include jointed humanoid figures that would walk or talk as these are more time to consume to produce compared to the extensive use of attractive flowing particles in this video.