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CGI Characters UK

Here at 3D Imaging we have created several CGI Characters, UK based, for company’s branding advertising marketing campaigns. Our attention to detail in designing a suitable 3D CGI character for your purposes whether that be for screen or print-based media is second to none. We have a huge amount of experience of the 3D CGI medium and also the necessary deep knowledge of conventional animation 2D animation principles that give a strong foundational basis to the high stand of work that we produce.

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Cute Small Animations

Virtual Cute Small Animations are our business. Although the download 3d animation studio example embedded in this page is based on frog cartoons from stock it could just as well have been a VR Yorkshire Terrier Character. Computer Yorkie animations give quite a technical challenge due to the amount of hair needed to define the breed. CG animated Yorkies offer a good a subject for an animated dog avatar as any as the characteristics of the breed provide ample character and amusement.

There are many different uses for CGI Characters. UK based companies selling consumer products have used CGI Characters to introduce their commodities to their buyers as part of their marketing effort. They have been influenced by the recent success of CG films (CG: Computer Graphics) such as Toy Story, Monsters Inc., The Bugs Life by Pixar and Disney and Shrek & Ice Age have popularised this form of animation. Increasingly 3D CGI characters are used in place of flat traditional 2D Cel animated. CGI can give an exciting new look to a new campaign or spruce up an existing one.CG gives a fresh new image to already existing cartoon creatures. If you have a need for some CGI Character animation work please check our 3D Gallery section and contact us for our latest work in the form of a showreel to see some of the 3D animated CGI characters that we have created for print-based media advertising and as concept imagery for 3D CG Cartoon Series.

Great film with CGI characters UK based review.

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