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Welcome to 3D Imaging a CGI design 3D studio. Amongst the top UK Character 3D Companies we count ourselves as the best provider of Superheros 3D Renderings. UK Manchester 3D Disney Characters (like the 3d hero on this page) mimic the 3D Comics Pixar Incredibles video. 3D Studio Characters can also be used in 3d animination work.
The Virtual 3D Hero CGI animation character on this page was developed fromthe characters drawing marketing illustrations in the corner of the main CGI . In a similar way a 3D Marvel Comics Character could be the subject of 3D character renders such as a CG Spiderman Cartoon. Sexy Superheroine 3 D images fantacy genre images are also an attractive use of this 3D Character graphics medium.
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Advertising companies London area have found that the cost of London 3d studio video, virtual reality book illustrations and cartoon illustrator CGI services prohibitive.

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3D Character Graphics can be sourced from a 3d Studio either by commissioning us to create a range of 2D cartoon drawings of the eventual 3D hero/heroine in several different forms:
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A Manchester 3D character company can deliver 3d character designs quicker  with more style, flair and passion for the production quality of the 3D character design.


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cgi superheroes 3D
CGI Superheroes 3D
or by presenting us with the already existing characters drawing for us to just create the 3D character or 3D animation character.
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