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Here at 3D Imaging our Logo Animated 3D graphics are designed and rendered  with a passion.  Our Animation Logo designs have be used in TV commercial ad production. 3D Digital artists UK trained within our Animation TV broadcast studio facility model 3D animated logo designs and other cute small animations. Our 3d studio animation site is littered with opportunities to download animation video including these video production logos which we think you'll find are far superior to those generated at 3 D text.com simply for the web.

Digital Animated Logo Character Animations 3D

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The animation 3D video background clip on this page was produced for a US Radio Station’s promotional DVD 3D animation. How to make use of computer animation in advertising to produce a logo with character was utmost priority of the commissioning illustrators agents. UK  DVD London distribution  to the US and putting it onto their website in a flash video format for easy download. Ads TV promotional slots between commercial television broadcasts featured these flash 3D animation images. High resolution of picture detail in hd virtual imagery of our logo production is a sign of their up to date quality.