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Welcome to 3D Imaging a UK computer graphics + latest technology company. We produce amazing 3D art images of coke cans as well as 3D Art of computers of with the subject of Pop Cans. If you want a 3 D visual of a 3 dimensional design geometric of beverage can you’ve come to the right place. Using our 3D rendering softwere we create a Coke can picture & 3D renderings high art image of tin cans or a 3 D beer cans, 3D lager can, digital virtual fizzy drinks can with 3D graphic ring pull or a soft drinks container. >> Virtual Reality + Conference Graphics

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3D coke can

The clients requirement for the ''resloution computer graphics'' of the metal cans 3d art naked eye in this occasion was for a 4 foot soft drink cans poster image for a poster campaign. The 3D metal can digital illustration was rendered with a UK computer graphics movie program to a resolution of 7200 dots high or A4 size at 600dpi. The drinks can virtual reality imagery was modelled with extreme care to get the exact right shape of soft drinks can 3D model. The label for the can was wrapped in place onto the metal can virtual graphic. Finally realistic condensation was applied to the 3 D metal coke cans to give them a refreshing cool look. 3D Coke Can graphics can make your beverage marketing work for you.

3D Imaging specialise in rendering virtual three dee graphics that as well as product visualizations seen on this page the same a computer graphics + latest technology can also be applied to create Virtual Reality AND Conference graphics and 3D animation.