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Welcome to 3D Imaging. We can provide a UK After FX Compositing, UK Digital Fusion Compositing, UK Combustion Compositing service to create engaging 3D Animation sequences including 3D Idents, Stings, Interstitals combining 3D animated logos, imaginative 3D animated titling with 2D elements, and all 3d animated character modelling needed for production.

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3D 2D Live Action Virtual Model BlueScreen Compositing UK,


We can construct virtual studio sets to combine with your blue screen ; incorporate appropriate lighting and 3D atmospherics; and simulate required camera movements. We have experience of historic, heritage and other site reconstructions, both interior and exterior, with or without the inclusion of figures – and can tackle a range of special effects.

We can provide 3D virtual backgrounds for blue screen work, as well as editing, live action blue screen compositing and other post production functions. Where required, we are able to handle image clean-ups, filmed sequence object removal. Finished work can be in a range of standard image formats, or converted to videocassette or DVD.


The three images to right show a frame from a sequence where a small CGI robot walks across a table real table which was filmed with a motion control camera. The CGI robot sequence's virtual camera follows the exact path of the real motion control camera so that the live action footage's camera movements match that of the CG footage as does the lighting including shadows cast from the CGI robot onto the real table.

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We can work to create 3D animated videos from your own storyboard, your existing video roughs or from a broader shooting brief – or, alternatively, will agree our own storyboarding with you, from your own basic idea. We work closely with you at all stages, to meet your requirements. From your preliminary enquiry, we assess feasibility and provide first estimate – refined following further discussion, with a view to arriving at a firm price, for agreed work carried out.